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Jess Todtfeld Media Trainer

Audio Interview with Jess Todtfeld

Make the Media Work for YOU ...
Becoming a Media Star.

Jess Todtfeld, #1 Best Selling Author,
President of Success In Media, Inc.

In this interview Jess explains:

  • Pitfalls and problems you might encounter along the way.
  • How to AVOID having the camera add 10 pounds!!!
  • How to create financial results from interviews.
  • Learn from techniques he teaches to CEOs, U.N. officials, experts, authors, PR firms, and business owners.

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We're looking forward to helping you.
-Jess Todtfeld
President, Success In Media, Inc.

Media Training

Media Training Made Easy:

You can ace any interview, look comfortable and confident, get the right messages across and speak in sound bites.
Training for Media  Training in Media

Media Training Crash Course

Do you want to look comfortable and confident while getting what you want from the media?

Learn how to USE THE MEDIA to not just get your message out, but COMPEL people to do what you want. We'll start by helping you to look and sound better. After that, we'll isolate key messages you would like to see in the media story. On of the best parts of the training is how we get you to reformat those messages in the exact form the media wants them. We'll not only show you how to do it, you'll do it by the end of the workshop.

It will all be covered in this live Media Training Workshop.


SPECIAL NOTE: We can also do a private Media Training session with you or your group.


Media Training Crash Course

Media Training CRASH COURSE

Are you looking to take your story to the media?

Are you worried about tough interview questions or not even getting the interview?

dot Do you want to LEVERAGE interviews to create sales, name recognition, or web traffic?

dot Do you wish you could feel more comfortable and could relieve the stress and anxiety that can come with interviews? 

dot Would you like the know the secrets behind creating EFFECTIVE SOUND BITES?

Media Training CRASH COURSE, presented by Success in Media, Inc.,will teach you SPECIFIC techniques including strategies to create ACTION any time you do a media interview.

Here's what you'll learn:

check This one or two-day informative seminar covers tips, tricks, and strategies. We get very specific about what you need to do.
check We'll teach you the 10 MOST important elements of effective media messages.
check We'll teach the 12 MOST important elements for handling interviews and Controlling your message.
check Learn 10 Elements for creating the Perfect Sound Bite
check We'll teach you our Answer System. You can stop worrying about questions. This gives you specific techniques to get to the answers you WISH you could get into the interview.

BEST OF ALL ... We'll give you what no other media trainer focuses on ... Solid, Specific Techniques on HOW TO TURN INTERVIEWS into ACTION.

Many media training companies never ask one simple question, "What do you want the result of these interviews to be?" We help bring you towards that result.

We also include the most pre-training and post-training materials to make sure you don't forget what you learned:

But don’t take our word for it, hear for yourself how others have benefited from Success In Media's media training workshop. (Click the red play button in the lower left corner to hear the author's audio clip.)

Here's What People Said After the Workshop:

Larry Crisp
Six Figure Business Consultant


"Just what I learned before lunch was
worth the price of admission."


Jane Cranston
NYC Executive Career Coach


"I felt like I had a real mentor ... and lots and lots of practice."


Stuart Friedman
Author, "Job Jail...8 Proven Steps to Freedom."


"I feel like I'm always ready now and know my media messages."


We even get calls long after the training. This is how we know
you've gotten a RETURN ON your INVESTMENT:


Meryl Getline
Meryl Getline

   Hear the Results

"You helped me out at a time that I just really didn't get what I was supposed to tell the media to MAKE THEM WANT to interview me.

You got the perfect pitch for me and since then, I have NEVER EVER been refused an interview ... I have done 150 or so and I have some more coming up."


—Meryl Getline
Speaker and Author of "The World at My Feet"


Visit her web site at:



Pastor Maurie Hansen
Pastor Maurie Hansen

   Hear the Results

"I've been on over a 100 RADIO PROGRAMS!

Anything I can do to help, you let me know.

I've been using your techniques during my speaking engagements!"

Final Details

—Pastor Maurie Hansen
Author, "Final Details"


Visit his web site at:


Audio Gear

Avoid the Pitfalls


They think that Media Training is ONLY about helping people do a look and sound better during interviews.

Unfortunately, that's only part of it. Interviews, like anything in life have a BEGINNING, MIDDLE, and END.

The Beginning:  Deciding in advance what you want the outcome to be. What answers do you wish you could say? We'll help give you the best chances to easily remember and deliver those answers. Equally important is the following. Are you selling something? Are you looking for brand recognition? What do you want people to do as a RESULT of your interview? Do you want them to go to your web site? Do you want them to call or sign up for a free item so you can capture leads? You can and need to be strategic about every media situation.

The Middle: THE ACTUAL INTERVIEW. Yes! You got a media interview. 
NOW WHAT?!! We'll get specific on how to find and focus your MESSAGE, deal with any QUESTION that comes your way, and, how to create SOUND BITES that SELL.
People who "wing it" are throwing away not just free publicity but FREE ADVERTISING.

The End: Leveraging Interviews. TURN INTERVIEWS INTO SALES or LEADS or quantifiable results. I don't know any other media training organization with this approach. THIS IS WHY YOU WANT THE MEDIA TO COVER YOU! Again, we get SPECIFIC on techniques you can't afford NOT to know. These techniques will reward you for years to come, and set you up to sell future books, products, services, and seminars ...

During Media Training Crash Course, We'll take you through the WHOLE process.

Free Media Training Audio

Your Host, Jess Todtfeld - Media Trainer, #1 Best Selling Author,
Former National TV Producer, Guinness Record Setter

Jess Todtfeld Media Trainer
Jess Todtfeld

Jess Todtfeld is founder, President, and Lead Media Trainer for Success In Media, Inc.

Jess helps CEOs, business executives, spokespeople, public relations reps, experts, authors, and inventors to not just do a better job when working with the media ... but to CONTROL THE MEDIA. On a daily basis, Jess helps people to propel their business forward by helping them to make the media work FOR them instead of against them.

Through Success in Media, Jess conducts workshops and gives speeches on topics such as:

Secrets to Getting Booked on Television
How to Control the Media
Pitch Perfection: 21st Century Tools for Pitching the Media
Successful Interviews Lead to Callbacks
PR Marketing PR Marketing Insider's Strategies for Showing up Everywhere
How to Turn Interviews Into Sales

Americas Premiere Experts Host
In 2010, Jess was named host of "America's Premier Experts," a
syndicated TV program featuring business leaders in every field.
The program appears on CBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX stations across the U.S.

jess todtfeld success in mediaIn 2009, Todtfeld became a #1 best selling author with the release of his third book. During the promotion of the book, he set a GUINNESS RECORD for most radio interviews in a single day -112 lasting 4 minutes long or longer. (More than most people do in a year.)

Jess brings with him 13 years of experience as a television producer on the national level for networks including ABC, NBC, and FOX. During that time he booked and produced over 4,000 segments. During his seven years at Cable TV's #1 Morning Show "FOX & Friends," at FOX News Channel, Jess worked with celebrities, politicians, and news makers. 

Prior to joining “FOX & Friends” in 1998, Jess spent two years with Cable’s #1 prime time show, “The O’Reilly Factor.” While there, Jess saw many guests that could have benefited from proper media training. Before making his way to FOX News Channel, Jess spent two years at the NBC's cable channel “America’s Talking.” The format exclusively featured talk shows. Jess worked as an Associate Producer on their quirky morning show, “What’s New,” and later on their late night talk show, “After Hours.” The shows’ producers found Jess to be entertaining and ended up putting him on the air almost daily. First, Jess was the “Across the Street Correspondent.” He would talk to real people, live on the air from across the street from the studio. Jess went on to shoot humorous packages that featured him as talent.

Media Trainer / Consultant for CEOs, U.N. Officials, Experts & Authors

Course 13 years as producer in National Television

Association with 2 top rated television programs

Helped launch 2 cable networks & 3 television programs

Speaker / Lecturer for events, seminars, and conventions

Conducted media workshops for some of New York's
    top public relations companies

Author of 3 Books including "Media Training A to Z"

2009 #1 best selling author in USA Today, #2 Wall Street Journal, #6 Business Week Magazine

AP Media Story
Media Logos

Jess practices what he preaches. He not only shows people how to best speak to the media, he appears in media stories almost weekly. One recent AP Television story was seen in markets across the U.S.

Speaking about 21st Century
Press Kits and Media Training.


Media Professional Organizations
Jess Todtfeld is also a sought after speaker and a part of a
number of nationally recognized organizations.


TV Media Studio
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Media Training Crash Course
will help you be more successful with your media encounters. Make the most of every media opportunity!

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On of the best PR marketing investments you can make is the
Media Training Crash Course

Get yourself ready to bring your media communication to the next level!


Jess Todtfeld

P.S. Think of how much further you can go when you know how to CONTROL THE MEDIA!

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